The Kidde® High Pressure Carbon Dioxide (HP CO2) System is ideal for industrial processes where flammable materials and vapors present a potential fire hazard.

The Kidde HP CO2 System utilizes highly sophisticated electric and/or pneumatic detection units which sense fire at its inception.  It is designed specifically for each hazard and operated automatically, to ensure immediate detection and rapid suppression.

The Kidde HP CO2 Fire Suppression System is an engineered system available in three application configurations: total flooding (for unoccupied areas), local application or hand-hose line. Gaseous carbon dioxide rapidly suppresses fire by a combination of cooling and oxygen displacement. Discharge duration and agent flow rates are customized for the individual application.


  • Proven quality and reliability with the Kidde brand.
  • Tested and approved all of Kidde’s various detection and control options.
  • An inexpensive and easy-to-access agent when refill is necessary.
  • Wide ranges of proven safe, hazard protection.

Technical Specifications

  • Reduces the oxygen content of the atmosphere to a point where combustion becomes impossible
  • Hardware to accommodate any application and system type
  • Offered in 25 lbs. to 100 lbs. cylinders
  • Hose reel line systems
  • Directional valve system options
  • Lockout valves and lockout circuits

Listing & Approvals

  • FM Approved
  • UL Listed
  • USCG Approved
  • MEA Approved

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Kidde Fire Systems Capabilities Brochure

Data Sheets

Kidde K-81-1010 HPCO2 75 lb.& 100 lb. Cylinders
Kidde K-81-1020 HPCO2 10 lb. thru 50 lb. Cylinders, Bent Siphon Tube
Kidde K-81-1030 HPCO2 Cylinders Details
Kidde K-81-1031 HPCO2 Pressure vs. Temperature for CO2 Cylinders


Kidde K-81-1032 HPCO2 Pressure vs. Temperature for CO2 Cylinders (Metric)
Kidde K-81-1040 HPCO2 Type “I” Cylinder Valve, 1/2-in
Kidde K-81-1050 HPCO2 Type “I” Cylinder Valve, 5/8-in
Kidde K-81-1060 HPCO2 Plain Nut Discharge Head
Kidde K-81-1061 HPCO2 Plain Nut Discharge Head Assembled to “I” Valve
Kidde K-81-1070 HPCO2 Grooved Nut Discharge Head
Kidde K-81-1071 HPCO2 Grooved Nut Discharge Head Assembled to “I” Valve
Kidde K-81-1080 HPCO2 1/2″ Flex Hose
Kidde K-81-1090 HPCO2 3/4″ Flex Hose
Kidde K-81-1100 HPCO2 Manifold “Y” Fitting
Kidde K-81-1105 HPCO2 1/2″ NPT Swivel Adapter
Kidde K-81-1110 HPCO2 Vent Nozzle, Type “V”
Kidde K-81-1120 HPCO2 Flange and Cover Assembly for Type “V” Nozzle
Kidde K-81-1130 HPCO2 Multijet Nozzle, Type “S”
Kidde K-81-1140 HPCO2 Multijet Nozzle, Type “S” Flanged
Kidde K-81-1141 HPCO2 Drill Pattern for Install Type “S” Flanged Nozzle Mnt Kit
Kidde K-81-1142 HPCO2 Use of Flanged Nozzle Mount Kit to Add Frangible Disc
Kidde K-81-1143 HPCO2 Use of Flanged Nozzle Mount Kit to Mount to Duct or Encl.
Kidde K-81-1150 HPCO2 Multijet Nozzle, Type “M”
Kidde K-81-1160 HPCO2 Multijet Nozzle, Type “L”
Kidde K-81-1170 HPCO2 Nozzle Data
Kidde K-81-1180 HPCO2 Hose Reel
Kidde K-81-1190 HPCO2 Hose Rack
Kidde K-81-1200 HPCO2 Hose Assembly Data Sheet
Kidde K-81-1210 HPCO2 Horn and Valve Assembly
Kidde K-81-1220 HPCO2 Handle Clip and Horn Clip
Kidde K-81-1230 HPCO2 Single Cylinder Strap
Kidde K-81-1240 HPCO2 Two Cylinder Straps
Kidde K-81-1250 HPCO2 Lockout Valve with Limit Switch
Kidde K-81-1300 HPCO2 Lock-Out Valve, Carbon Steel (without Limit Switch)
Kidde K-81-1310 HPCO2 Lock-Out Valve, Carbon Steel (with Limit Switch)
Kidde K-81-1320 HPCO2 Lock-Out Valve, Carbon Steel (w/ Expl Proof Limit Switch)
Kidde K-81-1400 HPCO2 Lock-Out Valve, SS (without Limit Switch)
Kidde K-81-1401 HPCO2 3” & 4” Lock-Out Valve, SS (without Limit Switch)
Kidde K-81-1410 HPCO2 Lock-Out Valve, Stainless Steel (w/ Limit Switch)
Kidde K-81-1420 HPCO2 Lock-Out Valve, SS (with Explosion Proof Limit Switch)
Kidde K-81-2101 HPCO2 IMO Stainless Steel Cabinet, N2 Release
Kidde K-81-2102 HPCO2 IMO Stainless Steel Cabinet, Release Cable
Kidde K-81-2103 HPCO2 IMO Fiberglass Cabinet, N2 Release
Kidde K-81-2104 HPCO2 IMO Fiberglass Cabinet, Release Cable
Kidde K-81-2105 HPCO2 IMO Interlock Assembly, N2 Release
Kidde K-81-2106 HPCO2 IMO Interlock Assembly (no cabinet), Release Cable
Kidde K-81-5010 HPCO2 Pressure Operated Control Head
Kidde K-81-5020 HPCO2 Pressure Operated Control Head, Stackable
Kidde K-81-5030 HPCO2 Lever or Pressure Operated Control Head
Kidde K-81-5050 HPCO2 Nitrogen Pilot Cylinder, Bracket, and Adapter
Kidde K-81-5060 HPCO2 Ball Valve, 1/4″
Kidde K-81-5070 HPCO2 1/4″ Flexible Actuation Hoses
Kidde K-81-5100 HPCO2 3/8″ Check Valve
Kidde K-81-5130 HPCO2 Stop (Directional) Valves, 1/2″ thru 2″
Kidde K-81-5140 HPCO2 Stop (Directional) Valves, 2½” and 3″
Kidde K-81-5150 HPCO2 4″ Stop (Directional) Valve
Kidde K-81-5170 HPCO2 Safety Outlets
Kidde K-81-5180 HPCO2 Pressure Operated Switch
Kidde K-81-5190 HPCO2 Pressure Operated Switch, Explosion Proof
Kidde K-81-5200 HPCO2 Pressure Trip
Kidde K-81-5201 HPCO2 Pressure Trip Applications
Kidde K-81-5210 HPCO2 Discharge Delays
Kidde K-81-5211 HPCO2 Discharge Delays-Operational Details
Kidde K-81-5212 HPCO2 Discharge Delay with Manual Operated Control Head
Kidde K-81-5220 HPCO2 Pressure Operated Siren
Kidde K-81-6010 HPCO2 Lever Operated Control Head
Kidde K-81-6021 HPCO2 Tandem Cable Operated Control Heads
Kidde K-81-6030 HPCO2 Cable Housing for Cable Operated Control Heads
Kidde K-81-6040 HPCO2 Pull Box, Break Glass
Kidde K-81-6041 HPCO2 Break Glass Pull Box used with Z-Bracket
Kidde K-81-6060 HPCO2 Watertight Pull Box
Kidde K-81-6070 HPCO2 Flush Pull Box, Yacht Type
Kidde K-81-6100 HPCO2 Dual Pull Mechanism
Kidde K-81-6110 HPCO2 Dual Pull Equalizer
Kidde K-81-6120 HPCO2 Adapter, 3/8″ Pipe (Male) to 1/2″ EMT (Female)
Kidde K-81-7010 HPCO2 Pneumatic Control Head
Kidde K-81-7011 HPCO2 Single Pneumatic Control Head
Kidde K-81-7012 HPCO2 Tandem Pneumatic Control Heads
Kidde K-81-7013 HPCO2 Pneumatic Rate of Rise Control Head Setting Information
Kidde K-81-7020 HPCO2 Cable Housing for Pneumatic Control Head
Kidde K-81-7030 HPCO2 Pneumatic Heat Detector, Industrial
Kidde K-81-7040 HPCO2 Pneumatic Heat Detector, Marine
Kidde K-81-7050 HPCO2 Heat Collector for Pneumatic Heat Detector
Kidde K-81-7060 HPCO2 Pneumatic Detection System Tubing Fittings
Kidde K-81-7070 HPCO2 3/16″ Tubing
Kidde K-81-7110 HPCO2 Use of Manometer Pneumatic Detection System
Kidde K-81-7111 HPCO2 Manometer Test Kit – Instructions for Use
Kidde K-81-8010 HPCO2 Electric Control Head
Kidde K-81-8011 HPCO2 Electric Control Head – Installation Instructions
Kidde K-81-8030 HPCO2 Electric and Cable Operated Control Head
Kidde K-81-8040 HPCO2 Elect & Cable Oper. Cont. Head with Expl Proof Solenoid
Kidde K-81-9010 HPCO2 Main and Reserve Nameplates
Kidde K-81-9020 HPCO2 Warning Nameplate (USCG Approved)
Kidde K-81-9090 HPCO2 Cylinder Weighing Scale
Kidde K-81-9151 HPCO2 45 kg (100 lb.) Cylinder and Valve Assy
Kidde K-85-0515 1/4″ Flexible Actuation Hose
Kidde K-85-0520 1/4″ Check Valve
Kidde K-85-0522 Check Valves, 1/2″ Through 2″
Kidde K-85-0524 Pressure Operated Switch
Kidde K-85-0527 Discharge Indicators
Kidde K-85-5040 Fire Suppresssion System Pilot Actuation Fittings
Kidde K-85-5120 Fire Suppression System Check Valves, 3-Inch
Kidde K-85-5190 Pressure Operated Switch, Explosion Proof
Kidde K-85-6080 Watertight Corner Pulley
Kidde K-85-9130 Nitrogen Time Delays


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HP CO2 Suppression System
Solutions for Petrochemical Oil & Gas Applications

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