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Control rooms house supervisory personnel and computers and other electronic equipment to manage industrial processes. Virtually every modern industrial facility has one or more control rooms, often controlling every step of the manufacturing process. Whether your business is in heavy manufacturing, processes chemicals, or generates electricity, the control rooms are critical to your business’s mission, and vital to the continued productivity and profitability of your company.

Despite the low occurrence of fires in control rooms, the risk continues to increase as computerized controllers become faster and denser, requiring more power and generating more heat. Uninterruptible power systems and their storage batteries pose an additional fire risk. 


  • Electronic equipment
  • UPS rooms


  • Call centers
  • Chemical plants
  • Large institutions
  • Major research facilities
  • Major transportation facilitie
  • Network operations centers
  • Oil refineries
  • Power-generating stations
  • Theme park
  • Various military facilities


Kidde Fire Systems Aries NETLinkTM

A fully featured and cost competitive multi-loop, intelligent, addressable and networkable Fire Suppression Control Unit.

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