Kidde Fire Systems offers 24/7 highly scalable and networkable intelligent fire detection, alarm and control systems for larger environments.

Addressable AlarmLine™ Module

SmartOne® Model AAM is a component of the the AlarmLine Addressable Linear Heat Detector

Addressable Monitor Module

SmartOne® Model AI is used to monitor conventional, unpowered, contact-type initiating devices through a Class-B, Style-B initiating device circuit.

Addressable Relay Module

SmartOne® Model AO provides an unpowered, Form-C contact for remote control applications.

ARIES® Intelligent Control Panel

The ARIES is an addressable, networkable fire alarm control panel. Its advanced features handle the demanding operational requirements of special hazard fire suppression systems.

ARIES® NETLink Control Panel

The ARIES NETLink is a fully featured and cost competitive multi-loop, intelligent, addressable and networkable Fire Suppression Control Panel designed for commercial, industrial and high tech facilities.

Intelligent Heat Detector

The DS-HFS Heat Detector is an intelligent fixed-temperature device that provides a 135°F (57°C) fixed-temperature heat sensor for the detection of heat due to fire.

Intelligent Smoke Detectors

The DS-PS Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detector is an intelligent device that uses an optical photoelectric sensing chamber to detect smoke.