Protecting our history from being destroyed in a devastating fire

Record retention requirements and their importance to businesses dictate that they are protected from fire events and stored safely with convenient access. In some instances, the storage requirements are regulated. In others, efficient access dictates the method of storage. In larger record storage facilities, vertical carousel storage systems are used to conserve floor space and provide convenient efficient access.

The protection challenge in these facilities is twofold; how to detect early enough to protect irreplaceable contents and how to suppress a fire without collateral damage to the records you’re challenged to protect.

Kidde has developed fire suppression systems for the protection of these assets that is reliable and offers fast fire suppression when called on. Environmentally friendly inert gases are used as the extinguishant, ensuring that downtime and damage is minimal. The extinguishant itself has no damaging effect on records as one might expect from other systems. Sensitive, stable smoke detection is used to detect fire in its earliest stages and to automatically operate the suppression system.

See how Kidde Fire Systems products can protect your application. The links below will take you to detailed product information on our fire protection solutions that are recommended for this industry.

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