Don’t let a fire cause your healthcare equipment to go down

Sophisticated and expensive equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, are often intensively used to provide diagnostic services that are critical to a hospital’s mission. MRI machines pose a unique fire protection challenge for a hospital, not only because the tremendous energy used can be a source of fire, but also because traditional fire fighting techniques cannot be used in proximity of the machine’s magnets—without posing an undue risk to the patient, who may be immobilized. And when the equipment replacement costs, as well as the business interruption costs are added in, it becomes clear that the protection of your MRI machine is vital to the continued productivity and profitability of your hospital.

Despite the low occurrence of fires experienced by hospitals, MRI suites continue to pose significant fire protection/life safety risks. As each new generation of MRI machines increases in performance, they use more powerful magnets, and consume more power, which in turn increases the risk to people and the equipment.

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