Water mist unit designed specifically to protect machinery spaces from hazards that can catch fire due to flammable liquids or lubricants.

The HI-FOG MAU is used in conjunction with small machinery space applications, gas turbine enclosures and similar spaces. The units are modular and self-contained with no moving parts, meaning they can be either wall mounted or skid mounted.

The units consist of a number of water cylinders and pressurized nitrogen or compressed air cylinders, with a release valve. The unit size varies depending on the application-specific requirements.


  • The MAU is a self-contained unit, thus requires no external power or water source for operation.
  • MAU system will not stop when the signal is gone.
  • The MAU unit is actuated either manually or automatically.
  • Simple and reliable

Technical Specifications

  • See A&E Specs below

Listing & Approvals

  • NFPA 750 Compliant
  • FM Approved
  • UL Listed
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