A Detection and Control System that is designed to protect a wide range of small to medium-sized vehicles or machines, including haulers, graders, waste management machines and trucks.

The Sentinel SA1 uses a variety of technologies to detect the heat or flames produced by fires. The system is engineered for low cost of ownership and ease of installation and service. It is FM-approved for all vehicle types. The Sentinel SA1 has passed witnessed shock and vibration testing, and hose wash-down, giving it full FM approval and IP66/NEMA 4 rating. 

The Sentinel SA1 System package offers fire protection with manual and/or automatic heat and smoke detection. Cylinder actuation can be either direct electric, using a safe protractor device, and/or via pressure actuation from a protractor operated nitrogen actuator.


  • Triple-R Protection
  • Pre-terminated Cables
  • Flexible Release and Shutdown Delay Options
  • Direct Electric Discharge of Up to 3 Cylinders

Technical Specifications

  • Rugged, Die-Cast Aluminum IP66/NEMA4X Enclosure
  • Flexible Detection Circuits: Mixed Heat, IR, and Smoke
  • Separate Supervisory Circuit
  • Three Power Options

Listing & Approvals

  • FM Approved

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Case Studies

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Data Sheets

Kidde K-83-200 Sentinel Vehicle System Key Maintenance Switch
Kidde K-83-206 Sentinel SA1 Detection and Control System
Kidde K-83-211 Sentinel SA1 Primary Cell By-Pass Cable FOR SYSTEM TESTING
Kidde K-83-212 Sentinel SA1 Mounting Bracket with RSA or EMR
Kidde K-83-213 Sentinel SA1 Control Module to KVS 2000 Adapter Bracket Pair
Kidde K-83-214 Sentinel Cable Adapter, Non-FM Metron to Sentinel Metron
Kidde K-83-215 Sentinel Cable Adapter, Squib Cable to Sentinel Metron
Kidde K-83-216 Sentinel Disconnect Switch for 12VDC/24VDC Systems
Kidde K-83-217 Sentinel Disconnect Switch for 24VDC Only Systems
Kidde K-83-235 Sentinel SA1 Primary Cell
Kidde K-83-236 Sentinel SA1 Power Supply Board, P/N: 83-132400-200
Kidde K-83-237 Sentinel Optional One Hour Stand-By Battery
Kidde K-83-240 SA1 Power Cable Harness, P/N: 83-132481-0XX
Kidde K-83-241 SA1 Optional Distribution Cable Harness, P/N: 83-132486-0XX
Kidde K-83-243 Detection Cable Harness for SA1 & NCM Vehicle Systems
Kidde K-83-244 Input/Output Cable Harness for Vehicle Systems, P/N 83-132483-0XX
Kidde K-83-245 Alarm Relay Cable Harness P/N 83-132485-0XX
Kidde K-83-251 Linear Heat Sensor (LHS) Detector for Vehicle Systems
Kidde K-83-260 Electric Manual Release (EMR) for Vehicle Systems
Kidde K-83-261 Sentinel Protractor for Vehicle Systems, P/N: 83-132500-500
Kidde K-83-270 Actuation Monitor Switch (AMS)

Sell Sheets

Sentinel® Vehicle System – Agribusiness
Sentinel® Vehicle System – Iron & Steel Mills
Sentinel® Vehicle System – Mining
Sentinel® Vehicle System – Oil Sands
Sentinel® Vehicle System – Timber
Sentinel® Vehicle System – Waste Management


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