The Wheelock Series MB 6 and 10 inch Motor Bells support 24 VDC applications and have high dBA sound output levels, low current draws, and multiple mounting options.

The Wheelock Series MB, 6 and 10 inch, Motor Bells provide high quality audible notification for fire alarm and suppression applications. These bells have high dBA sound output levels, low current draws, multiple mounting options, aluminum shells and support 24 VDC applications. The motor in the bells is a durable, high torque permanent magnet motor selected for its high performance and long life.



  • 6 inch and 10 inch shell sizes
  • High output sound pressure level (dBA)
  • Built-in trimplate makes semi-flush mounting simple

Technical Specifications

  • Multiple mounting options: surface, semi-flush, outdoor, and concealed conduit
  • Screw terminals for #12 to #18 AWG wire
  • Polarized for DC supervision of NAC circuits

Listing & Approvals

  • UL Standard 464, CAN/ULC-S525-07
  • Factory Mutual (FM)
  • California State Fire Marshal (CSFM)
  • Chicago (BFP)

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Kidde K-75-004 Wheelock Series MB Motor Bells

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