Utilized with Series Exceder, Series AS/AH, Series RSS, and Series RSSP appliances when the fire alarm control panel circuit does not support Wheelock Synchronization protocol.

The Wheelock DSM Sync Module is utilized with the Series Exceder, Series AS/AH, Series RSS, and Series RSSP appliances. When used with Series AS Audible Strobes and/or Series Exceder Horn Strobes, the DSM Sync Module provides independent operation of synchronized temporal pattern (code 3) horn and synchronized strobe flash, as well as the ability to silence the horn while maintaining the strobe flash, while using only a single pair of wires. The DSM-12/24-R Sync Module controls either a Class A or two (2) Class B NAC circuits.



  • Accepts an independent strobe and audible input from Kidde Fire Systems’ families of AEGIS™ and ARIES™ Control Units
  • Converts to a single output that connects to Series AS or Series NS family of audible strobes
  • Can also be used to synchronize Wheelock’s Series Exceder, RSS, and RSSP appliances

Technical Specifications

  • Meets the NFPA-72 requirement for Temporal Pattern when used with the Series AS/AH and/or Series Exceder notification appliances
  • 3 ampere per circuit current handling at 12 or 24 VDC

Listing & Approvals

  • UL Standard 1971, ULC
  • California State Marshal (CSFM)
  • Chicago (BFP)

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