Marine Addressable Input Monitoring and Output Relay Devices are used on the Autroprime BS-200M Marine Fire Alarm Control Panel’s addressable loops to monitor and/or control input and output devices such as alarm call points, flame detectors, fire pumps, smoke dampers, water level switches and fan coils.

The BN-201 is an address input monitor used for monitoring fault or other signal contacts from external equipment such as fire pumps, smoke dampers, water level switches and fan coils. Activation of the monitored contact (Normally Open or Normally Closed) will result in a fault warning on the control panel.

The BN-300 addressable input monitor unit is used to interface with on/off contact closure signal devices such as alarm call points, flame detectors and sprinkler contacts. The unit monitors one (1) input signal for Normally Open contact devices.

The BN-310 is an addressable output, single relay unit which is activated based on alarm condition from the panel to active door release, sprinkler control, damper control or other Normally Open or Normally Closed contact devices

The BN-320/2 door control unit is used for control and monitoring of fire doors. The unit has 2 monitored inputs for monitoring the doors position (open/closed), and 1 output contact for controlling the power to a door magnet (door magnet must be powered from an external 24 VDC power supply).

The BN-320/4 is used for monitoring and/or control of external equipment, such as fire dampers, ventilation valves, fans, lifts and smoke hatches. The unit has 2 monitored inputs and one (1) output. Input A is a feedback input for confirming activation (manual or automatic) and input B is used for reporting fault conditions (power fault and/or unit fault).

The BN-320/5 sprinkler control unit is used for monitoring and controlling of sprinkler systems.

The BN-300, BN-310, BN-320/2, BN-320/4 and BN-320/5 support the SelfVerify function which automatically checks units once every 24 hours.



  • Intelligent monitoring for input, and activation of output contact closure devices
  • Wide range of environmental conditions and locations supported
  • Versions available with SelfVerify
  • Automatic addressing

Technical Specifications

  • Short circuit isolator in each device
  • EN 54-5/EN 54-7
  • Working Temperature: – 20 to 70 C (- 4 to 158 F)
  • Humidity (non condensing) : Max. 95% RH
  • Degrees of Protection: IP54 or IP 67

Listing & Approvals

  • United States Coast Guard
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  • Lloyd’s Register
  • DNV/GL
  • Bureau Veritas (BV)
  • FM Approvals (FM)
  • RINA (Registro Italiano navale)
  • Nemko