The ECS-500 psi clean agent fire suppression system introduces improved system design flexibility with reduced installation and material costs.

The ECS-500 psi Clean Agent Suppression System is the newest entry in our engineered clean agent suppression product line. The higher pressure (500 psi/34.5 bar) of the ECS-500 with 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid provides superior system performance as compared to 360 psi/25 bar systems. Now you have the flexibility of a mid-tier solution between our standard ECS™ and Advanced Delivery System (ADS™) to meet application size and design requirements at the ECS 360 psi price.


  • New 1,100 lb. cylinder reduces cylinder quantities and installation time required while providing enough agent to cover up to a 27,000 cubic feet area with a single cylinder
  • Increased system pressure allows for longer pipe runs and use of smaller pipe diameters
  • Provides flexibility to remotely locate cylinder storage area more than twice the distance from the hazard area when compared to 360 psi/25 bar systems
  • Can be used with existing 4.0 HASP Key flow calculation software

*Watch Video of Clean Agent System Extinguish a Fire in Data Center


  •  A wide range of filling capacities from 6 lbs. to 1,100 lbs
  • Fire protection of up to 27,000 cubic feet with a single cylinder
  • Provides economical protection of multiple enclosures when used with directional valves

Technical Specifications

  • Easy to design using our engineered series software including pressure vent calculation
  • High performance system

Listing & Approvals

  • cULus Listed
  • FM Approved
  • USCG Approved
  • Other marine- and land-based approvals in process

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Data Sheets

Kidde K-45-0500 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid
Kidde K-45-0501 ECS-500™ psi Cylinder & Valve Assemblies, 10 to 70 lb. Capacity
Kidde K-45-0502 ECS-500™ psi Cylinder & Valve Assemblies, 125 lb. Capacity
Kidde K-45-0503 ECS-500™ psi Cylinder & Valve Assemblies, 200 lb. Capacity


Kidde K-45-0504 ECS-500™ psi Cylinder & Valve Assemblies, 350 lb. Capacity
Kidde K-45-0505 ECS-500™ psi Cylinder & Valve Assemblies, 600 lb. Capacity
Kidde K-45-0506 ECS-500™ psi Cylinder & Valve Assemblies, 900 lb. Capacity
Kidde K-45-0507 ECS-500™ psi Novec™ 1230, Cyl and Valve Assemblies, 1100 lb Cap.
Kidde K-45-0513 ECS-500™ psi w/ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid Cylinder Data
Kidde K-45-0516 ECS-500™ psi Novec™ 1230, 3” Straight Check Valve
Kidde K-45-0517 ECS-500™ psi with Novec™ 1230 Fire Prot Fluid Warning Nameplate
Kidde K-45-0518 Valve Outlet Adapters
Kidde K-45-2140 ECS™ 360 Degree Pendant Nozzle
Kidde K-45-2150 ECS™ 180 Degree Pendant Nozzle
Kidde K-45-2165 Part Number List for Nozzle used w/ ECS™ Systems w/ Novec™ 1230
Kidde K-85-0501 Liquid Level Indicator (LLI)
Kidde K-85-0502 Cylinder Mounting Straps
Kidde K-85-0503 2” Valve and Safety Burst Disc Rebuild Kit
Kidde K-85-0504 3” Valve Maintenance Kit
Kidde K-85-0506 Safety Outlets
Kidde K-85-0507 Cylinder Wall Brackets
Kidde K-85-0508 Cylinder Mounting Cradle
Kidde K-85-0509 Cable Operated Control Head
Kidde K-85-0510 Pressure Operated Control Head
Kidde K-85-0513 Nitrogen Pilot Cylinder, Bracket, and Adapter
Kidde K-85-0514 Master Cylinder Adapter Kit
Kidde K-85-0515 1/4″ Flexible Actuation Hose
Kidde K-85-0516 Flexible Discharge Hoses
Kidde K-85-0517 3″ Flexible Discharge Hose
Kidde K-85-0519 Manifold El-Check
Kidde K-85-0520 1/4″ Check Valve
Kidde K-85-0522 Check Valves, 1/2″ Through 2″
Kidde K-85-0523 3-inch Swing Check Valve Installation
Kidde K-85-0524 Pressure Operated Switch
Kidde K-85-0528 Cylinder Recharge Adapters
Kidde K-85-0529 Main and Reserve Nameplates
Kidde K-85-0531 Electric Main-to-Reserve Transfer Switch
Kidde K-85-0532 Pressure Trip
Kidde K-85-0535 Lever or Pressure Operated Control Head
Kidde K-85-3002 Stack Elect Cont Head Kit w/Cont Head Monitor & Lever Op Cont Hd
Kidde K-85-3003 Elect & Cable Oper Cont Head (Exp Proof) Kit w/ Cont Hd Monitor
Kidde K-85-3004 Electric and Cable Oper Cont Head Kit w/ Control Head Monitor
Kidde K-85-3006 3-Way Directional Valves with Placement Monitor
Kidde K-85-3501 1.5″ Valve Rebuild Kit
Kidde K-85-5020 Pressure Operated Control Head, Stackable
Kidde K-85-5120 Fire Suppression System Check Valves, 3-Inch
Kidde K-85-5190 Pressure Operated Switch, Explosion Proof
Kidde K-85-6080 Watertight Corner Pulley
Kidde K-85-6120 Adapter, 3/8 in. Pipe (Male) to 1/2 in. E.M.T. Female
Kidde K-85-8700 3-inch Discharge Outlet Adapter
Kidde K-85-9130 Nitrogen Time Delays


Sell Sheets

Kidde ECS-500™ psi with 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Clean Agent Suppression System

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